WWE 2k18 Features Wishlist and Improvements

The Hopes and Expectations for WWE 2K18

Many people seem to be of the opinion that some changes need to be brought about in WWE to make it more impressive and appealing. We are going to discuss some of the WWE 2K18 features wishlist that people seem to have in mind. There are different expectations that people have associated with the next edition, some of which we are going to shed some light on.

WWE 2K18 Features

Who doesn’t love watching two men, or sometimes more, beat each other up in order to win a match? We cheer the other person on as much as we can because we feel like it is us in that person’s place. This is how much we enjoy real-life WWE. Now imagine yourself in a video game where you have the opportunity to beat up the other person yourself and be able to come out victorious. Oh, the feeling of accomplishment then!

That’s what we expect when we play WWE, but there are times that we get frustrated because of some bug in the video game, putting a break in the middle of the fight. At that moment, the only wrestling we would like to do is with either the console or the company that created the game.

This shows the importance of a good video game that does not have any glitches in it. WWE is one of the most loved sports in the world and its video game is a huge success. When a person purchases a WWE game, they expect to get hours of entertainment. Giving credit to the video game itself, this entertainment is mostly delivered.

But there are still many features that the company can work upon in order to improve the quality of the video and provide its consumers with an incredible gaming experience. So what WWE 2K18 features need working? There are a few that come to mind:

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WWE 2k18 Features Wishlist

Improved performance

The game is great; we don’t deny that, but there is still a lot of space for improvement. The company needs to focus on it more and fix the bugs that exist. These bugs annoy us while playing and need to be fixed upon the release of WWE 2K18. If they aren’t, it is highly possible that the company may lose many consumers and the game does not become a great success in the market.

Improved WWE2k18 commentary

The commentators in the game seem so blank and lifeless; their commentary even feels the same way. They are in desperate need of some life and improvement in their ability to deliver commentary. The sound needs to be improved and they need to become faster and livelier, keeping up with the happenings in the game.

Audience reactions

Another WWE 2k18 features is the audience. One of the best parts about real-life WWE is the audience interaction. The audience’s ability to cheer on the players and boo when the opponent comes out are what make it more realistic and what the current version of WWE is lacking. It would give the gamer a more accurate experience of the game.

Choice of more tag team players

It would be great if the gamers are able to actually pick the other wrestlers on their team when playing a tag wrestling round. This way, they are satisfied with their team and don’t blame the other when they lose. Plus, it gives them more connection with the team and a better experience.

Improved graphics

Currently, the wrestlers do not look too lifelike. Sometimes, it seems that they don’t care much about being there, which is a huge turn off considering that you look forward to selecting your choice of the wrestler and being them, even if it is for a little while. At times, the characters even look like one another when wrestling against each other. The best way to fix that is to make the graphics even better. The graphics will give the gamer a totally different experience than before, enabling them to be able to bond with the player.

WWE 2k18 Wishlist Wrestler’s moves

One of the best WWE 2k18 features that can be added and would surely become a hit among gamers is if more moves are added to the already existing ones. Some moves that are not used as much as the others and are not so effective can be removed and the new ones can be added.

WWE 2K18 Online gaming

It seems that the developers have not paid much attention to the online gaming aspect of the video game. But it is time now that they do and start improving it. The connection established for online gaming and the experience itself is currently in the pits; once it has been improved, more people would be encouraged to start playing online, which is now quickly becoming the best gaming option as it allows you to connect with people from other places.

Types of matches

There are so many kinds of matches in WWE that it is hard to keep count. The company has taken out many different types and introduced new ones, but some types that were well liked were still removed. Research should be carried out to understand the type of matches that are most appreciated by the gamers, and those could be added into the game. It would appeal to the target market, making the game more desirable to them.

WWE 2k18 MyCareer mode Wishlist

There is a lot of improvement that can be done in this section of the game. The sound, visuals, and almost everything can be improved. Everyone likes to visit this mode and be a part of it, but the experience currently is not that great. If it gets improved, it would be more entertaining for the gamer to use. A more in-depth storyline could be added to it as well.

WWE 2k18 Active roster

When we talk about WWE 2K18 features wishlist, this is one that is found to be highly popular. People like the idea of having everyone on the active roster in the game. This includes Big Show, Sin Cara and others. Former stars can also be invited for a guest appearance. This would certainly be a WWE 2K18 dream step.


When people discuss their WWE 2K18 dreams, this is something that they never fail to talk about. The idea of increasing the number of moves for each player seems to be rather appealing as this will ensure that the best is brought out of each player.  There are plenty of changes that can be made in this regard.

Increasing the realistic touch

It should be strived to ensure that the whole thing appears more real. For this, there should be less drama. For instance, breaking hell in a cell can be done using a spear. Doing moves with a chair would make it impressive as well.


An option for creating your own commentary does not sound like a bad idea. You would be able to choose the language they speak in and decide who you want as the commentators. This would give a different and personalized touch to the commentary.

Behavior pattern

It will make quite a bit of difference if the behavior pattern of the players is kept consistent. For instance, if two players are at loggerheads with each other in the ring, the same behavior should be seen outside the ring as well. There needs to be a consistency seen in the behavior of the players to make it more believable.


An opportunity to create a story for your favorite superstar is a rather interesting option as this will make the player more involved in the game.


An option to pick the power in the finisher should be extended to the fans. They should be able to make a selection between other taunts and their taunts to increase the entertainment factor. This will make the finisher more appealing.

Speaking your own words

An option of speaking your own words via typing should also be made available to players. This should be done in an accurate manner that does not lack sense. There should also be a check on abusive content as this would make the game more interesting.

Summing it up, the WWE 2K18 features wishlist can be improved quite a lot. The graphics of the game is one aspect that should really be looked into by the developers and worked upon as it is that part of the game which customers will pay the most attention to and get attracted by the most. Currently, there are high expectations from WWE 2K18 and only its release will tell whether it comes up to par or not.


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