WWE 2k18 Expected Release Dates

2K Sports have always had an edge over other wrestling games. The Franchise has never failed to overwhelm the audiences with their great roster and with each passing year, the bars have been set higher and higher. Although many aspects of the game still need a thorough revision, the roll out feature in WWE 2K17 was particularly interesting. It occupies a central role in influencing the gameplay. This feature is also expected to be continued in the ensuing installment. Fans have also been very much disappointed about the omission of some very vigorous matches in WWE 2K17. Hopefully, these will make a comeback in WWE 2K18.

Not only the matches, but fans have also been looking for a complete game engine overhaul. Despite all these years of experience, it is surprising to see how 2K Sports have not made any effort to improve the graphics which aren’t quite good as compared to some of the hi-tech games that exist in the market today.

WWE 2k18 Release Date Rumors Image

WWE 2k18 Release Date Rumors Image

The good news is that 2K Sports have promised highly enhanced graphics and controls this time. At this point, it is hard to say whether the new game will be able to stand up to the expectations or surpass them, but a further delay in improving the graphics will definitely cause a huge loss to the gaming franchise. The animations are so shoddy and grotesque, that it almost draws the fun out of the game. Maybe 2K Sports has learned from their past mistakes and will make a change for the better this year.

So far, there have not been any official announcement about the release date for WWE 2K18, but the officials have stated that the dates will be announced very shortly. There are rumors that the game is going to be released in May 2018. Given that the last game was released in September last year, it may also not be very sensible to expect the game anytime soon. After all, it is better that the developers be allowed to focus on the game development. Talking about game development, the officials have stated that this edition will also have upgraded controls and lifelike dynamics.

It was sickening to see the wrestlers glide down to the ring like ghosts. Despite being an action packed game, it is not quite understandable why the characters glide instead of walk. Wrestling is not so much fun without all the show-offs and exhibition that comes with it. Making a grand entrance is as important as taking over the ring. Since the upcoming game promises to be a game changer, we can very well hope that the game turns out to be lifelike.

Unlike the simple strikes and gagging moves as in the previous games, this time, the controls will allow for a combination of complex strikes. Leaving everything apart, this deserves the most importance as this is all that goes into determining the thrill of the screenplay. Fans have indeed been anticipating quite a lot. It is only natural to get curious about the release dates. Hopefully, the audiences will have their game by May 2018.


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