WWE 2K18 – Expectations of fans

WWE is a game that garners a lot of attention. The video game has quite a bit of loyal fan following and with every new edition to the series, it appears as though its fan base is increasing. While there is no denying that the game enjoys a high level of popularity, there is still room for improvement. WWE 2K17 was recently launched, and fans have already started giving their wish list for the next edition to the series. We are going to shed some light on what the fans hope to see in WWE 2K18.

WWE 2k18 Expectations of fans

The absence of the General Manager Mode in WWE 2K17 has left fans disappointed. This mode was introduced in SmackDown! Vs. RAW but was eventually discontinued in 2009. This is something that the fans want to see as they believe that it gives them more control over the game. This mode has managed to acquire quite a bit of appreciation as it makes the game appear more real and interesting. It is also fun to have control to take part in Draft. Now that WWE games have larger rosters, a fresh and improved GM Mode would be welcomed by the fans enthusiastically.

WWE 2k18 The Rock Image

WWE 2k18 The Rock Image

The quality of the graphics is something that has been criticized for years. Perhaps the time has come for the developers to take a look into this. The game does not live up to its full visual standards that other games have. This also affects the experience of the game and, therefore, is something that should be looked into by the developers. At times, the wrestlers end up looking lifeless, bearing a remote resemblance to their self. Thus, since 2K has the ability to do much better, the time has come to give some attention to the graphics of the game.

A lot of popular matches are missing from the game. While it is true that it is not possible to feature even type of match in every game, there are a lot of missing matches that appear as an oversight, particularly those that are highly famous. The PS3 and Xbox versions of these games do feature these modes, and fans hope that these modes will soon make their way to the full versions of the game as well.

The DLC feature is another area where the fans feel a change should be witnessed. While it is the right of 2K to charge for DLC, they should endeavor to ensure that the fans do not feel ripped off. Charging for simple features hardly seems fair and makes the fans feel that they are being taken for a ride. Thus, a reasonable approach is required in this regard.

The online multiplayer feature also needs to be improved. The feature left a lot to be desired in the WWE 2K17 edition. There are issues of lagging and other problems that take the fun out of the game, sometimes rendering it unplayable. This can be quite frustrating. The game sometimes fails to register the buttons pressed for pins and submissions. The absence of a real ranking system is something that also manages to annoy the players. This is something that needs to be managed so that fans do not have to be disappointed or frustrated while they are playing the game.

The WWE 2k18 MyCareer Mode needs to have proper voice recordings. At present, all you hear are a few scattered voice recordings, while at other times, it plays out in silent mode. Voiceless mannequins walking about take the fun out of the game and put a dent on the authenticity of the experience that the game can provide. It would be a good idea to record some lines from the current roster members. The backstage personalities can also be given voices which would make the storylines all the more interesting and captivating.

Room for WWE 2k18 improvement

These changes can increase the popularity of the WWE 2K18 to an all-time high, so these are a few things that the developers should look into. This will certainly give fans something to rave about their favorite game.


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