What to Expect from WWE 2K18

WWE introduces a great video game every year with updated characters, career modes, match options and a lot of other new features that set it apart from its predecessor. The next release in the series, namely WWE 2K18, is expected to be released and available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One by the end of 2017. But what can one expect of it? This article will cover the news and rumors about the upcoming video game.

Features Already Offered by WWE

The WWE gaming experience includes graphics that make the characters and their facial expressions detailed enough to look real. Added are the game physics and attention to detail, movements, action and even tiny hair that will make the gameplay look realistic and immersive to the users.

WWE 2k18 Game Image

WWE 2k18 Game

The Expected WWE 2k18 Changes

Realistic Visualization

Trying to make the move-sets as smooth and realistic looking as possible, WWE 2K18 will most probably include numerous new animations that focus on the natural movements and reactions of characters.

WWE 2k18 Soundtrack

The soundtrack of any WWE game is precious to the gaming experience as the music played during the time a gamer spends on the main menu or between loading screens should be indulging enough to keep the game constantly entertaining.

The WWE video game might feature a customizable soundtrack for users by including the numerous opening songs of most superstars.

Improved Mechanics

WWE is an action-packed wrestling game that should show quick responses, and having control over your moves is always a benefit for the gaming experience. The redesigned AI will ensure easy movement and attacks, a vast choice over your actions, and very logical responses by the bots to guarantee a realistic and fair fight.


The game would ensure a great look and presentation that allows it to bewitch any person who is playing the game since it will include a more realistic environment.


The game itself will be released later in the year 2017 and by that time, many things might be added or removed, so nothing is a hundred percent certain. The game itself is very promising mainly due to the prestige of the WWE gaming series, and we are sure that it’ll live up to its promise.

Adding to the many usual characters, the game is sure to add more than a hundred playable characters – some of which also being unlockable legends – that can be chosen to wrestle in numerous match-ups and scenarios to give the game a diverse gaming experience. We really look forward to WWE 2K18, and so should you.

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